Main Battle Tanks Air Defence Systems
Armoured Fighting Vehicles - Air Defence Missiles
- Tracked Vehicles - Low-Level Air Defence
- Wheeled Vehicles - Anti-Aircraft Guns
Mine Resistant Vehicles - Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Guns
Tactical Vehicles - Pedestal Mounted Systems
Artillery Systems - Early Warning Radars
- Self-Propelled and Towed Howitzers/Guns Target Acquisition, Identification and Tracking Systems
- Artillery Rockets Fixed and Rotary Wing Platforms
- Fire Control and Fire Support Systems - Training Platforms
- Target Detection, Identification and Assessment - Attack Platforms
Infantry Weapons - General Purpose Platforms
- Small Arms - Heavy Lift Platforms
- Heavy Weapons - SAR/CSAR Platforms
Command, Control and Communication (C3)Systems Reconnaissance, Observation and Intelligence Platforms
Intelligence, Surveillance & Recon (ISR) Systems - MedEvac Platforms
Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) Systems Unmanned Systems
Night Vision Systems - Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)
Thermal Systems - Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAV)
Target Acquisition and Tracking Systems - Mini UAVs
Laser Technologies - Tactical UAVs
Electronic Warfare (EW) Systems - Strategical UAV
- Passive Systems - Rotary Wing UAVs
- Active Systems - Armed UAVs
Network Centric Warfare (NCW) Systems - Unmanned Air Ships (Aerostats)
Communication Systems - Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGV)
- Tactical Communication - Recon & Observation UGVs
- Strategic Communication - EOD UGVs
- Digital Systems and Cryptology Training and Simulation Systems
- Satellite Communication Computers and Software
Electronic Countermeasures Systems/Equipment Power Packs
Ammunition Engineering Equipment and Vehicles
- Small-Calibre Ammunition Obstacles and Obstacle Clearing Equipment
- Large-Calibre Ammunition Bridging Systems & Equipment
- Artillery Ammunition Rescue Systems
- Smart Ammunition CBNR Systems and Protection Equipment
- Rockets and Guided Missiles Armour Systems and Ballistic Equipment
- Tactical Ballistic Missiles Camouflage Materials
- Rocket Fuels, Propellants, Fuzes and Warheads Landmine Locating and Mine Clearing Systems
- Explosives Cartography and Map Systems
- Pyrotechnics Future Soldier Personal Material and Equipment
Remote Weapons Stations Shelters
  Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD)
  Logistic Support Unit
Combat and Support Vessels Command, Control and Communication (C3) Systems
- Destroyers, Frigates and Corvettes Fire Control and Target Acquisition Systems
- Submarines Combat Management Systems (CMS)
- Fast Patrol Boats, Fast Attack Craft Communication Systems
- Patrol Boats Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) Systems
- Mine Hunting (MCM) Vessels Anti-Surface Warfare (ASuW) Systems
- AAW and ASW Vessels Anti-Air Warfare (AAW) Systems
- Combat Support and Replenishment Vessels Power Packs
- Coast Guard Platforms Ship Electrical Systems
- Helicopter Landing Platforms (LPD/LHD) Naval Guns and Ammunition
- Landing Craft Guided Missiles and Rounds: SSM and SAM
- Emergency Intervention Boats Torpedoes and Torpedo Defence
- Inflatable Boats Point Defence Systems and CIWS
Fixed and Rotary Wing Platforms Air Defence (AD) Systems
- Training Platforms Ship Subsystems
- ASW and ASuW Platforms De-Gaussing Systems
- Maritime Patrol and Observation Platforms Radars
- SAR/CSAR Platforms Sonars
- General Purpose Platforms Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV)
- Reconnaissance, Observation and Intelligence Platforms Diving Equipment and Support Systems
Remote Weapons Stations Training and Simulation Systems
Electronic Warfare and Self-Protection Systems Sailboats for Training Purposes
Electronic Support Systems (ESM) Computers and Software
Unmanned Systems Ship Design and Shipyards
- Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Ship Classification Services
- Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAV) Composite Materials
- Mini UAVs Decoys
- Tactical UAVs Logistic Support Units
- Strategical UAV HVAC Systems
- Rotary Wing UAVs Ship Building Equipment and Materials
- Autonomous Underwater and Surface Vessels  
- Surveillance and Observation AUVs/ASVs  
- Combat AUVs//ASVs  
- EOD ROVs  
Fixed Wing Platforms Launch Technologies
- Combat Aircraft Satellites
- Transport Aircraft - Communication Satellites
- Training Aircraft - Remote Sensing Satellites
- Tanker / Re-Fuelling Aircraft Space Services and Research Institutions
- Early Warning Aircraft Space Agencies
- VIP Aircraft Ground Control Technologies
- Surveillance and Reconnaissance Aircraft Image Evaluation
- Intelligence and EW Aircraft Data Processing and Assessment
Rotary Wing Platforms Command, Control and Communication (C3) Systems
- Training Platforms Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) Systems
- SAR/CSAR Platforms Electronic Warfare (EW) Pods
- General Purpose Platforms Intelligence, Reconnaissance and Observation Pods
- Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) Platforms Targeting and Navigation Pods
Air Defence Systems Unmanned Systems
- Air Defence Radars - Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)
- Air Defence Missiles - Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAV)
- Anti-Aircraft Guns - Tactical UAVs
- Medium and High-Altitude Air Defence - Strategical UAVs
- Ballistic Missile (ABM) Defence - Armed UAVs
- Early Warning Radars Drones and Towed Targets
- Target Detection, Identification and Tracking Systems Air Traffic Control
- Suppression of Enemy Air Defence (SEAD) Systems Airport Equipment and Ground Support Systems
Guided Missiles Aircraft Subsystems
- Air to Air Missiles Aircraft Engines
- Air to Ground Missiles and Ammunition Aircraft Mission Equipment
- Stand-Off Systems Avionic Equipment
- Precision Guided Ammunitions Navigation Systems and GPS
- Bombs and Rockets Helmet Mounted Displays and Night Vision Goggles
Electronic Warfare Technologies Training and Simulation Systems
- Electronic Warfare (EW) Systems Computer and Software Technologies
- Electronic Support Measures (ESM) Pilot Accessories
- Electronic Counter Measures (ECM / ECCM) Parachute Systems
- Jamming Systems De-Briefing Systems
- Chaff/Flare Dispensing Systems Tactical Vehicles
- Radar (RF) Warning Systems Fuel Tankers
- Missile Warning Systems Auxiliary Power Units (APU)
- Stand-Off and Escort Systems Bomb Loaders
- Stealth Technologies Survival Kit and Equipment
- Sensors Logistic Support Unit
Land Vehicles Building / Construction / Decoration
- Miscellaneous Transport Vehicles: Trucks, Vans, - Steel and Prefab Structures
Tow Vehicles - Construction Contract Companies
- Passenger Vehicles - Construction Materials and Systems
- Automotive Components, Parts and Accessories (Concrete, Gassed Bricks, Wet Surfaces, Insulation, Paint, Roofing, Modular Walls, etc.)
- Fuels: Petrol, Diesel, Mineral Oils and Hydraulics - Infrastructure Contractors
- Command Control Vehicles - Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) Systems
Electrics- Electronics -Communications - IT / Software - Electric-Electronic Building Systems
- Command, Control and Communication (C3) Systems - Intercoms and PA Systems
Radar Systems - Plumbing Systems
Military Space Systems - Door and Window Systems
Information Transfer Wooden and Steel Furniture, Offices, Guest Rooms,
Data Processing and Evaluation Systems Officers Clubs, Lodgings, Military Dormitories, Cafeterias,
Data Security, Storage and Retrieval Systems Reception Halls
Cloud Computing - Industrial Kitchens, Cafeterias, Bakeries and Equipments
Antennae Complete Kitchen Equipments, Project Design,
Electronic Warfare, Intelligence and Maintenance, Food Preparation, Coolers,
Communication Systems Refrigerated Rooms and Storehouses, Freezers,
C4ISR Kitchenware, Food Storage Equipment, Cleaning Equipment, Dishwashers
- Network Centric Warfare - Laundries and Laundry Equipment
- Sonar Systems Washing and Drying Machines,
- Avionic Equipment Dry Cleaning Machines, Irons
- Tactical Communication Centers - Sports Facilities and Sporting Equipment
- Electro-Acoustic Observation and Access Control Systems Sport Facility Constructors, Equipment Providers,
- Port, Underwater, Air and Road Observation Systems Workout and Conditioning Equipment, 
- Target Detection Systems Pool Construction, Equipment and Chemicals
- Integrated Border Surveillance & Control Systems - Treatment and Recycling Systems
- Electro-Optical Systems and Products Water Treatment, Waste Removal, Filtration,
- Fibre-Optic Materials, Lines and Power Distribution Equipment Waste Storage and Disposal, Environmental
- Power Sources and Generators Companies and Consultancy Services
- Satellite, GPS and GSM Systems Machines
- Meeting and Training Halls Electronic Systems - Manufacturing Machinery, Equipment and Tooling Precision Casting and Dies
- Photographical Equipment CNC Lathes
- Hybrid Technologies and Fuel Cells CAD/CAM
- Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) and Diagnostics Special Design Software
Software Special Alloys
- Maneuver and Logistics Software Super Plastic Forming
- Special Training Software Heat Processing
- Internet, Network Security and Anti-virus Software Plastic Injection
Military Medical Equipment and Systems Printed Circuit Board Equipment
- Field Hospitals and Equipment Production Automation
- Mobile Hospitals Composites and Autoclaves
- Medical Supplies and Hospital Equipment Aircraft Jigs
- Mechanical and Electronic Medical Diagnosis Equipment Metalworking Machines
- Surgery Room Equipment Cutting and Drilling Tools, Filing Machines,
- Operating Equipment and Supplies Metal Finish (Galvanisation, Tinning),
- Emergency Intervention and Intensive Care Equipment Finishing and Welding
- Orthopedic Equipment and Prosthetics Specialised Industrial Machines
- Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Equipment and Tools Plastic and Rubber Working
- Disposable Materials - Construction, Utility and Mining Machines
- Supply Materials - Textile and Confection Machines
- Hospital Management Tools, Equipment and Services - Cleaning Machines
- Medicine - Repair and Utility Machines
Gendarmerie and Civilian Security Systems Motor Vehicle Repair and Service Depots, Service
- Special Weapons and Equipments Special Equipments, Special Equipment for Aircraft Repair and Maintenance
- X-ray Equipment Measurement and Research Equipment
- Hand-held and Fixed Detectors - Criminology Laboratories
- Explosives and Weapons Detectors - Quality Control, Classification and Calibration
- Personnel Protective Equipment(Shields, Truncheons, Helmets, etc.) Laboratories
- Fire Fighting Equipment and Vehicles - Physics and Chemistry Laboratory Equipment and Supplies
- Disaster Equipment - Liquid and Gas Flow, Liquid Level, Mechanical Movements, Pressure, Temperature and Humidity Measuring Equipment, Optical Equipments, Test Equipment and Elements
- Alarm and Signalisation Systems - Narcotics Analysis Laboratories Equipment and Supplies
- Civil Disorder Intervention Equipment (CDIE) - Automotive Calibration Equipmen
- Anti-Terror Equipment  
Clothing and Other Textile Products Machinery, Tools and Equipments
- Special Use - Tool Trolleys and Tool Boxes
Water, Heat and Cold Resistant Military Clothing - Socket, Hive, Pipe and Rim Wrenches
Hospital Clothing For Technical Usage - Bolt Cutters and Levers
Non-Woven Fabrics and Products - Punches and Hammers
Environmental Hazard Textiles Hardware and Fittings
Work Security Clothing - Pipes, Fittings, Hoses
Sleeping Bags - Valves
- Personnel Clothing - Ropes, Cords, Chains
Uniforms Office Supplies
Assault, Utility and Training Clothing - Paper, Stationery
Underwear - Books, Maps and Other Printed Materials
Leather Garments - Fax and Photocopying Machines
Shoes - Computers, Printers
- Home Textile - Printing Press Machines
- Other Textile Products - Paper Shredders
- Flags and Banners Services
- Tents - Catering Services
Consumption Goods - Tourism Services
- Foodstuffs & Ready-to-Eat-Meals - Consultancy Services
- Field Accomodation and Catering Equipment - Banking and Insurance Services
- Cleaning Utensils and Chemicals - Transport Service
Material Handling Equipment, Workshop  
Command, Control & Communications [C3] Security Services
Data Protection - Information & Digital Communication Integrated Security Systems
Port & Airport Security – Border Control Private Security / Personel Protection
Thermal Systems Protection of Industrial and Sensitive Areas – Environmental Security
Access Control & Biometrics RFID - Software / Hardware
Information, Warning & Control Centres Risk Analysis & Management
Security Warming & Information Systems Transport & Road Safety
Anti-Terrorism & Special Forces Screening & Scanning Systems
Security Vehicles Security Seals / Tamper Evidence
Explosion Prevention & Protection Security Equipment
CBRN Detection – Identification - Decontamination Financial Systems Security
CCTV & Surveillance Systems Security of Public Places - Urban Security
Civil Defence Systems Integration
Critical Infrastructure Protection Telecommunication Systems
Cyber Security Fight Against Cyber Attack & Cyber Crime
Perimeter Security Systems & Intrusion Detection Tracking / Monitoring
Patrolling Equipment UAVs - Drones & Counter UAV & Drone Systems
Economic and Industrial Intelligence Image Analysis
Explosive Ordnance & IED Disposal Automotive Safety & Security
Fight Against Organised Crime Big Data Security
Firearms / Munitions / Optics Big Data Proccessing & Storage
Forensic Science Services Development, Test & Evaluation Equipment