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ASO 1. OSB Ahi Evran Mahallesi Anadolu Caddesi No: 5, 06935 / Sincan / ANKARA / TÜRKİYE
Contact Info: +90 312 386 1495
Hall: 8
Stand: 822A
Product Groups
  • Barreled Weapons and Subsystems
  • Operational Personal Equipment
  • Operational Personal Equipment

3E is a high-tech company specializing in the design, development, know-how, and manufacture of optronic equipment and systems that deliver the most accurate, reliable and creative solutions to military, law enforcement, and civil applications.

MULTI SENSORTUFAN (Multi-Sensor Surveillance Binoculars) & PARTAN NZ (Fusion Weapon Sight)

Featured with the intelligent fusion-imaging algorithm, TUFAN multi-sensor surveillance binoculars combine most critical properties essential for surveillance, target acquisition and distance determination in one unit, providing impressive solutions to mission needs with its ergonomic, compact structure and smart features. PARTAN NZ delivers crispy and intelligent image performance. It is designed for functionality and superior performance by taking into account the demands of most elite users. It offers unrivaled optical performance via industry leading 12-micron LWIR technology with a resolution of 640x480 and DI2 low light sensor with superior image quality.

THERMAL VISIONPARS 635N/660N/675N (Termal Silah Dürbünü) - PARS 635/660/675 (Tak-Sök Termal Silah Dürbünü) - FELIS H35 (Termal El Kamerası)

The PARS 635N is the top-of-the-range thermal weapon sight to deliver world-leading performance on image processing. It offers unrivaled optical performance via 17-micron LWIR technology and a 640x480 thermal sensor. In addition, the advanced image processing leads to excellent image clarity and provides better detection and recognition, allowing conquering the night with its exceptional visual quality. FELIS H35 Thermal Handheld Camera delivers crisp, clear images with high definition in a durable and reliable body. It offers exceptional and superior performance in day/night surveillance with outstanding usability and handling.

NIGHT VISIONSERHAT (Pilot Night Vision) - LYNX M14 (DI2 Monocular Night Vision) - M14 (Monocular Night Vision) - B31 (Binocular Night Vision)

SERHAT(Aviation Night Vision Goggle) binocular night vision goggles deliver outstanding performance and depth perceptioneven in the most challenging low-light conditions with its premium fast objective lens design. LYNX offers extremely superior performance in low light conditions with its advanced image processing algorithms. This performance is derived from the state-of-the-art 2.3 megapixel DI2 image sensor, whose architecture was developed by 3E and has much larger pixels than its competitors.

LASER SYSTEMSDLIRIL (Dual Laser Pointer and Illuminator) - PLF (Tactical Flashlight and IR/VIS Laser Pointer) - LRB (Laser Boresight) - MLR (Mini Laser Pointer)

DLIRIL combines four unique functionalities in a single body: visible red laser, infrared (IR) laser, infrared (IR) illuminator, and visible tactical flashlight. Tactical flashlight has a very powerful illumination capability with its 500 Lumens power. DLIRIL MR comes with high or low power modes. The PLF features a white LED technology with 500 Lumens, visible red laser and infrared laser. It is one of the most compact devices in its class, combining these three technologies. The LRB provides a precise and accurate alignment in the field without firing a single round of ammo to prevent the use of extra ammunition. The MLR is man-portable, easy to use and extremely effective hand-held visible laser pointer. MLR, kolay taşınabilir, kullanımı kolay ve son derece etkili el tipi görünür lazer işaretleyicidir.

LASER RANGE FINDERMLRF (Monocular Laser Range Finder) - BLRF (Binocular Laser Range Finder)

MLRF is designed to improve your vision and provide the power of a monocular in a laser rangefinder. BLRF is designed to improve your vision and provide the power of a binocular in a laser rangefinder. It delivers bright and clear images at any distance with its high light transmittance across the entire spectral range. Combining range finding phenomena with the in-built Applied Ballistics Ultralite® and externally connected Kestrel® that results in the most accurate ballistic calculations necessary for ultimate shooting experience in order for users to get the maximum benefit out of their device.


AVCI (Combat Optical Sight) KESKIN (Sniper Rifle Scope) CRS (Closed Reflex Sight) ARS (Reflex Sight) AVCI M1X (Mini Reflex Sight) M3X & M5X (Magnifier) IZCI (Tactical Spotting Scope) MTN90 (Machine Gun Reflex Sight) MTN90i (Machine Gun Reflex Sight w/ LRF)

SUPPORT PRODUCTSHMD (Wireless Imaging System)

The HMD is lightweight, adjustable and comfortable. It brings the live video from your 3E device in front of your eyes seamlessly. It allows aiming and firing around obstacles and corners, without putting the user in the line of fire.

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