IDEF'21, The Great Gathering Of The Defence Industry, Opened

IDEF'21, the great gathering of the defence industry, opened
IDEF'21 (15th International Defence Industry Fair), the most important meeting platform of defence industry giants in Turkey and across the globe, opened its doors on Tuesday, 17 August at Istanbul Büyükçekmece Tüyap Fair Convention and Congress Center, with the inauguration speeches of President of the Republic of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Minister of National Defence Hulusi Akar., Presidency of the Republic of Turkey President of Defence Industry and Chairman of the Executive Board of the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir and of Sadık Piyade, who is the Acting General Manager of the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation.
IDEF'21 will last until Friday, August 20. In the exhibition where 1,238 companies came together, 169 delegations, 613 delegation members and 28 Ministers from 83 countries participate.
IDEF'21 15th International Defence Industry Fair, which the Turkish defence industry is looking forward to, opened its doors with a magnificent opening ceremony held on Tuesday, August 17th. Bringing together the defence industry giants from Turkey and the world, IDEF'21 will continue until Friday, August 20 at Tüyap Fair and Congress Center. The exhibition attended by many senior officials at the level of Chief of General Staff, Land Forces Commander, Naval Forces Commander, Air Force Commander, Deputy Chief of General Staff, Deputy Minister, Gendarmerie General Commander, General Director of Security, Coast Guard Commander and Undersecretary, in addition to 28 Ministers, reveals the possibilities and capabilities of the industry. 
“Turkey has revolutionized the defence industry in 19 years”
Noting that IDEF'21 is an important global brand in its field, has the richest appearance to date, both in terms of stakeholders participating to the exhibition and the partnering companies, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, said in his speech at the inauguration ceremony; “1,061 companies and representatives attended the previous exhibition. This time we are organizing with 1,238 companies and representatives. Likewise, I hope that the number of visitors will exceed 76 thousand from the previous fair.
As a leading member of NATO, the world's largest defence pact, we believe that our contribution to regional and world peace will increase as we develop our national defence industry. The fact that many products we have developed with national means take place in our exhibition is the proof of the distance we have covered in this regard.”
“Our domestic and national companies are competing with the giants of the world”
Pointing out that domestic and national companies, which are the representatives of the Turkish defence industry, are now competing with the giants of the world, Minister of National Defence Hulusi Akar, said in his speech at the opening; "The contribution of our weapon systems, produced with domestic and national means, is clearly manifested in the resolute protection of our rights and interests in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Aegean in the operations carried out successfully at home and abroad, and in the successful fulfillment of the tasks undertaken by the Turkish Armed Forces in many geographies. Our domestic and national companies, which design, manufacture and export our weapon systems, which have proven their capabilities in the field and used by the Turkish Armed Forces, especially domestic and national UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles)  and AUAVs (Armed Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) have become competitive with world giants. They have been our source of national pride. We trust our human resources, potential and defence industry companies. We believe that we will reach the domestic and national defence industry at the maximum extent in critical projects through the cooperation of public, foundation institutions, private sector and universities. We are also very pleased that agreements and protocols that will pave the way for the initiation and development of cooperation in the defence industry will be signed at IDEF'21."
“The Turkish defence industry will turn into a global player”
Emphasizing that IDEF'21 is one of the few in exhibitions in the world that includes all areas of the defence sector such as land, sea, air, space and the security sector at the same time, President of Defence Industry  Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir said:
“Our defence industry has become one of the most important sectors of our country with its unique products, exports, main and subcontractors, SMEs, research institutions and universities. Today, our Turkish Armed Forces uses helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles, military ships, armored vehicles, missiles, air defence and weapon systems, electronic systems and other products developed by the Turkish defence industry. As the Presidency of Defence Industry, we are working on approximately 750 projects with a project volume of 60 billion dollars at the point we have reached today." 
“Among the 3 largest defence industry platforms in the world”
Emphasizing that they are proud of IDEF'21 being among the 3 largest defence industry platforms in the world in terms of the number of participants and planned bilateral relations, despite the pandemic conditions, Turkish Armed Forces Foundation Acting General Manager Sadık Piyade said, "Protecting the health of our exhibitors and visitors is our top priority under the COVID-19 epidemic that has affected the whole world. The fact that the exhibition center we are in is a center with the COVID-19 Safe Service Certificate has strengthened our hand at this point.
New collaborations between countries
In IDEF'21, as in previous years, the invitations to Foreign delegations made on the basis of reciprocity by T.R. Ministry of National Defence, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and their subsidiaries, the Presidency of Defence Industries, were widely accepted this year. The fair, to which 83 countries, 169 delegations and 613 delegation members are invited, will not only bring together Turkish and global companies, but will also create an efficient platform for new collaborations between countries.
The most suitable environment provided for meetings
IDEF'21 will provide the most suitable environment for Exhibitor-Exhibitor, Delegation-Participant, Participant-Turkish Procurement Authority, Delegation-Turkish Procurement Authority, Delegation-Delegation meetings. All work was carefully completed in order to get the highest efficiency from the meetings to be held during the exhibition.