Turkish Armed Forces Foundation Turns 30

Established on September 26, 1987 upon merger of air forces, naval forces and land forces foundations, TAFF celebrated 30th anniversary of its foundation. Sadık Piyade, Deputy General Manager of TAFF stated “TAFF will fortify the Great Turkish Nation’s trust in us and strengthen its bonds with our people to continue its operations with the same determination and stability, just like yesterday”.
TAFF made the following statements:
“Founding purpose of TAFF is to provide moral and material support by our people in order to develop national war industry, to build new branches of war industry, to purchase war weapons, tools and equipment for the ultimate goal of contributing to war power of Turkish Armed Forces.
Launched with a limited budget, TAFF has been greatly subsidized by the Grand Turkish Nation. Our foundation sustains its activities with great determination and stability for the most efficient use of sincere donations pinched and saved by our nation.
Today, our foundation holds more than 50% shares in capitals of 6 companies and is shareholder of 29 companies. Total assets of our subsidiaries, ASELSAN, TUSAŞ, ROKETSAN, HAVELSAN,  İŞBİR and ASPİLSAN is TL 23 billion, total equities is TL 5,8 billion, total sale is TL 7,8 billion and remaining turnover from contractual projects is USD 22,5 billion as of the end of 2016 and 31% of their sales is exportation. In addition, USD 1 billion has been paid to domestic subcontractors as of 2016. Equities spent on R&D activities is total USD 755 million by the end of 2016.
Pursuant to the Law of Establishment and the Articles of Foundation, majority of TAFF’s revenues including its subsidiariesis allocated to modernization projects for Turkish Armed Forces in accordance with our objectives while remaining part is used for investing in and financing new industrial facilities and Foundation’s partnerships that manufacture for developing our national defense industry.
Since its very establishment, our Foundation has transferred total TL 561 million of funds to Service Commands’ projects to procure systems required by the Turkish Armed Forces to date. International Defense Industry Fair, IDEF, which has been organized under the responsibility of our Foundation since 1993, is the first in its region and one of the five fairs worldwide. The recent IDEF’17 Fair was attended by 820 companies from 50 countries as well as 673 committee members from 133 committees of 2 international organizations and 67 countries”.