What is “Career Day” and When Does It Take Place?
IDEF’19 Career Day is on Friday, May 3, 2019.

In the Career Day area, you will find booths with Human Resources personnel of various the defense industry companies
The aim is to bring together university students / graduates who want to work in the field of defense industry and retired TSK (Turkish Armed Forces) staff with leading companies in the sector.
Who Can Visit the Career Day?
Current students/graduates of the relevant engineering faculties of universities, and retired military staff can participate as visitors.

Reletad Braches of Universities
Computer Engineering, Computer Aided Software Engineering, Information Systems Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Biosystem Engineering, Maritime Transportation and Management Engineering, Electric Engineering, Electric and Electronic Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Electronics and Communications Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Industrial and System Engineering, Industrial Designe Engineering, Energy Systems Engineering, Physics Engineering, Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, Marine Engineering, Geomatics Engineering, Food Engineering, Topographical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Chemical and Process Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, Materials Science and Nanotechnological Engineering, Mahematics Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, Nanotechnological Engineering, Nuclear Energie Engineering, Optics and Acoustical Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Aircraft Engineering, Aircraft and Aerospace Engineering, Software Engineering

What Should You Do to Participate in the Career Day?
Those who want to attend Career Day as a visitor should fill the “Career Day Pre-Request Form”.  Following security inspections, a positive or negative response will be communicated to the applicant.


Applicants with approved requests must obtain their name tags from the Badge Collection Center. Students or graduates who want to visit the Career Day area must have a Career Day Badge.

** Retired military staff will be able to visit the Career Day Area with a Visitor Badge. They need to show their institutional I.D. to the staff.
The Location of the Career Day Area and How to Get There
There will be return shuttle trips leaving from the Name Tag Distribution Center to the Career Day area, which is located in Hall 13.
Can Visitors of the Career Day Also Visit the Fair?
The students and graduates visiting the Career Day will be able to visit the fair after 12:00 pm on Friday, May 3rd.

** Retired military staff will be able to visit the fair as of of May 1st.